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    Service Overview

    If you want to stay healthy in daily life then Disinfection and Sanitation Services is very useful process. If you are from West Bengal and you are looking for Disinfection and Sanitation Services in your local your then Localyour is your best choice. 

    We provide Disinfection and Sanitation Services.

    Our Services

  • Sterilization Level Services
  • Disinfection and Sanitization Level Services
  • Contract Sterilization Services
  • Extended Anti-Microbial Surface Protection
  • 24/7 Protection from Recontamination
  • Disinfection and Sanitation Services at Localyour

    Localyour is a marketplace of all local services and a digital solution of all your daily life problems. We provide an entire range of home and office related services in a timely, cost-effective manner. We help you with trusted and verified professionals for all your daily service needs. We are staffed with young, passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in your lives by providing your service needs at your doorsteps. We provide Disinfection and Sanitation Services at affordable price. We Protect You from harmful Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Odors.

    Disinfection & Sanitation Services

    Safety Ensured

    • Ensuring the health condition of service specialists.
    • Necessary protective equipment's (masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc.) for service specialists.
    • Instruction to use hand sanitizers before entering your home, before starting the work and after the work is done.
    • Instruction to disinfect the instruments before and after the work.
    • Instruction to maintain social distancing properly.
    • Why Choose Localyour For  Disinfection and Sanitation Services Services ?

    Disinfection of a space is not as simple as daily, regular cleaning of your shop or even an occasional thorough cleaning of your home. To disinfect sanitize a space and ensure that it is free of viruses, the process requires a larger-level of fumigation or fogging of the entire space with certified, hospital-grade disinfectants that can be carried out only by trained professionals who take adequate safety measures in doing so. Here are a few for you to consider:

    Virus-free surroundings: The chemicals used by a professional disinfection service to sanitize any space is of hospital grade, ensuring only the effective results. These hospital-grade chemicals kill disease-causing viruses as well as remove other harmful germs and bacteria

    Total sanitization guaranteed: A professional sanitization service includes fumigation of the entire area followed by a wiping of the high-touch p such as doors, handles, switchboards and taps — for a complete and thorough disinfection.

    Safety ensured: The sanitization service professionals part of Localyour have been thoroughly trained in the safety protocols and hygiene standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). They are equipped with protective gear, which includes a full body suit, masks, shoe, gloves, and feed their daily temperature into their profiles on the app to ensure that they share their current health status with those concerned

    How to Order

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    Preparations agains Covid-19

    • Checked health condition of service specialist
    • Ensuring using of masks, hand sanitisers, gloves, etc
    • Disinfecting equipments before and after the work
    • Maintaining social distancing


    In this epidemic of covid-19 the crucial problem is community transmission. Only way to get rid of this problem is keeping all areas clean and disinfected that we mostly use. A heroic team of Localyour is working on disinfecting several areas in your city. Book Your Service now!

    Service Highlights:

    Disinfection of entire premises at best in class prices

    Kills disease causing viruses

    3+ years experienced professionals

    Certified, hospital-grade disinfectants used

    How is Localyour’s Disinfection Service Carried Out? 

    After you book a disinfection service on the Localyour app or website, you will be assigned professionals who will visit your shop, office or the date and time chosen by you. 

    These professionals will be equipped with protective gear and will be carrying sanitized equipment. Please ensure that all food items and clothing laundry are kept away safely during the sanitization service. 

    The trained professionals will fumigate or fog the entire space, whether it is residential or commercial, with Environment Protection Agency (EPA recommended, hospital-grade chemicals. 

    The Localyour professionals will spray and wipe all high-frequency touch points of the area, like door handles, switches, taps etc, to sanitize The entire service will take about 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the premises. 

    It is advisable that no person or pet enters the disinfected area for at least 1 hour after the service